As of Thursday August 09, 2012

Anatole Kaletsky asks, "how about quantitative easing for the people?"

Gold, silver, corn, and Brent Crude oil are best performers on 5-year anniversary of start of financial crisis

More abandoned children in Europe as austerity grinds down people

Euro founder, Ottmar Issing, admits zone heading toward fracture

Nation's largest private prison owner and operator, Corrections Corporation of America, assessing feasibility of real estate investment trust conversion to change filing status, completely avoid income tax

U.S. Federal Government involved in directly covering for transportation and distribution of drugs into U.S., protecting Sinaloa Cartel from prosecution, alleges high-ranking Mexican drug cartel operative currently in U.S. custody; reiterates DEA's "Fast and Furious" program meant to supply guns to cartel

Totalitarian Britain: spectator arrested for not smiling at Olympic race event

City of Gardena activates new, city wide, video surveillance system

Army testing spy blimp over New Jersey

Navy testing new ocean drones in Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay

Inefficacy of modern anti-bacterial prescriptions reinstating gonorrhea as "major global threat"

Sikh temple shooter identified as ex-military psychological operator

War plan: U.S. to smash Iran's missiles, Israel to tackle Syria, Hezbollah

Salafists kill 15 Egyptian Sinai troops, Israeli Air Force destroys stolen armored vehicles crashing Israeli border

Muslim Brotherhood establishes anti-Assad militia inside Syria

Russia sending three ships and up to 360 marines to Syria

Argentina votes to prohibit vessels sailing under British flag from "mooring, loading or carrying out logistical operations" in any of its ports

Thousands of fish dying in Midwest as hot, dry summer dries up rivers and causes water temperatures to climb to nearly 100 degrees

Blistering heat waves result of man-made global warming according to new statistical analysis from NASA's James Hansen

House Republicans to file civil suit against Attorney General Eric Holder to push release of Fast and Furious documents

Congress paving the way for Internet sales tax

Vermont man uses tractor to crush police cruisers

Chinese teenager kills eight with knife

Gold Fields' Nick Holland says price must soar to avert abandonment of unprofitable mining projects

Representation without taxation: Tax Justice Network investigation reveals global elite hiding up to $32 trillion of personal wealth in foreign bank accounts, "globalization is driving a big hole through the nation-state system that was designed to raise tax revenue," says report's author James Henry

Congressional Research Service reports thousands of illegal aliens being released rather than deported committing more crimes under Obama administration policies, including robbery, rape, and murder

Ireland considers new super property tax for owners of valuable property

Free Syrian Army publicly executes member of parliament Zeino al-Barri of Aleppo

Video emerges from Syria purportedly showing rebels executing regime loyalists in Aleppo

Rebels seen with tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other heavy weapons

Assad rallies troops in 12th day of decisive battle for Aleppo; fighter jets seen engaging ground targets; at least 40 policemen dead as rebels seize police stations

New York Stock Exchange to cancel trades in 6 of 150 stocks affected by volatile "technology issue" tied to high speed, computer-based trades